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Dog Tear Stains? Does your dog have them? Have you noticed some tear stain or eye stain discharge marring the face of your precious pet? Do you need a dog tear stain remover?

I was concerned when I got my first Maltese puppy and started to see some reddish brown staining develop on his beautiful face after just a few weeks.

Excessive amounts of tears were draining down my little dog's face and the moistness was producing what looked like some skin irritation, a possible infection and a sour odor.

My precious pet had a bad smelling face and horrible tear stains on either side of his eyes. I did a lot of research and I checked with my veterinarian and this is what I found.

What can cause tear staining on your dog's face?

Teething - A teething puppy will sometimes have excess tearing. In my puppy's case, the tearing was way more extreme than just from teething.

Genetics - Many dog breeds simply have a genetic tendency to have tear stain problems and the Maltese breed falls into this category. Your dog may simply have a genetic tendency toward excess tearing.

Facial Bone Structure of your Dog - Also along the lines of genetics, many dog breeds have a facial bone structure that causes more tear drainage and tearing than in other breeds of dogs.

Clogged Tear Ducts - Some dogs have very small tear ducts that clog up and this causes additional tearing.

What can you, the dog owner, do about dog tear stain?

Keep your dog's eye area clean - You want to check your dog's eyes regularly for dust, stray hairs and dried up tears or debris. Any foreign matter in or around your dog's eyes can cause irritation and lead to more tearing.

Keep your dog healthy - Check your dog at least twice yearly for ear mites and ear infections, yeast or bacterial infections of the eye and for clogged tear ducts.

Doggy Hygiene - Bathing your dog often will remove debris and dust from your dog's fur and reduce the chance of fleas. Use non-irritating shampoos and cleansers. Be sure to dry your dog's ears thoroughly after each bath to help reduce the chance of ear infections.

Use a  Dog Tear Stain Remover that Works

I tried almost every tear stain remover I could get my hands on (after of course checking with my vet for approval!) and I was frustrated because I could not find one that worked.

FINALLY, I came across what I now call my "miracle" dog tear stain remover that was easy to use and worked like a charm.

It was one easy step and now my precious Maltese has a beautiful clean face.

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Dog Tear Stain Remover | What Is the Best Way to Remove Tear Stain

Dog Tear Stain? Cat Tear Stain?

Do you have a dog or cat that has reddish brown staining around their eyes, especially from the inside corners of their eyes down along their nose?

You are probably wondering what causes your pet to have tear stain?

I know I sure wondered what was on my Maltese puppy a few weeks after I brought her home!

Most veterinarians say that the most common cause of tear staining is due to excess eye tearing on your particular breed of dog or cat. There are actually many breeds of dogs and cats that commonly have excess tearing from their eyes. Some of the most common that typically are predisposed to tear stain are: Maltese, Maltipoo, Poodle, Bichon Frise, ShihTzu, Terrier, Westie, Chihuahua, Coton de Tulear, Havanese, Bulldogs and Lhasa Apso, and even Persian Cats and Exotic Cats.

So now you have determined that yours is a breed of pet that suffers from excess tearing.

But, how on earth does the tearing cause the reddish stain?

If you look closely you will see that tears coming from your pet’s eyes are not red or brown, they are clear. What happens is that when your pet has a perpetually wet face from the excess tearing this causes your pet’s face to be moist all the time and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

So this bacteria is how the tear staining is caused.

You may even notice an odor that comes from the tear stained area and that is also due to the bacteria breeding and growing in your pet's face. Yuk!

I have several beautiful Maltese that had tear stain. I tried many different treatments and finally found the easiest way to get rid of tear stain for good!

Your pet does not have to have a tear stained face either! Your pet's face can be clean, smell good, and look beautiful!

I use a very easy to use simple dog tear stain remover.

It is called Angels Eyes - You can get it by clicking below

BEFORE using Angels Eyes

AFTER using Angels Eyes

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